Harry Benson's Photos of The Beatles to (Briefly) Return to The George V Hotel in Paris

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

We've long known that the Four Seasons, George V Hotel in Paris has hosted many distinguished celebrities over the years (and some reality stars too) but did you know about their Beatles connection?

It turns out, The Beatles made the George V their home base when they were in Paris in 1964. A piano was actually installed in one of the suites and this is where John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote, "I Feel Fine." (This story we knew, the hotel we did not.) That moment was captured by photographer Harry Benson. Benson also encouraged the lads to have a pillow fight in the room and his pictures of the Fab Four in 1964 are now iconic shots of the boys in their Beatlemania days. Another fun fact? The negatives of these photos were developed in the hotel's bathtub. Now, the George V is planning to host a brief exhibit of Benson's Beatles photos in their lobby and in front of Le Bar from June 15-June 30. The exhibit will be run by hotel's in-house artistic director, Jeff Leatham. And (very) lucky for us, Harry Benson himself has answered a few of our questions about his time at the hotel with The Beatles. (Excuse us, while we scream like a teenage girl again and again and again.)

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Source: Hotel Chatter

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6/4/2014 5:14 PM
Harry Benson photo book

Interestingly enough, and much to my surprise, there's a photo of me in his book taken at the press conference in Memphis, TN in 1966. I was shocked when a friend showed me the photo, which takes up most of the page!

What a rush seeing that photo from so long ago! It was like a validation of the best time of my life. Wish I had a photo of me shaking John's hand, which happened just after that photo was taken.

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