Hello, Goodbye - Ringo Sells Out in Record Time

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thank you to all pre-ordering Ringo Starr's forthcoming book, PHOTOGRAPH. Ringo's limited edition is now fully subscribed, making it our fastest selling edition ever. 

"The good thing about this book," Ringo said during the making of PHOTOGRAPH, "is that it made me start looking through all my stuff. I found much more than I had anticipated." Every year, we say goodbye to titles from the Genesis back catalogue, and hello to new favourites. But it's not often they come and go so quickly. Readers may recall previous fast-movers by authors such as Paul Weller, Nick Mason and Jimmy Page.  Since Ringo's leather-bound volume was made available, readers have snapped up the entire edition in less than 3 months. Only 2,500 signed copies will ever be made. A tip from the publishers: you can still secure copies of the titles shown below. All are nearing the end of their editions. Those interested in PHOTOGRAPH ought not be disappointed. Ringo has just made available 12 of his favourite images as signed, museum-quality art prints. Limited to only 25 copies each, 5 of the 12 editions are already sold out at the time of writing.

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Source: Genesis Publications

Photo Credit: © 2013 Ringo Starr

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