How an Indian man and his English wife introduced George Harrison to Ravi Shankar to create ...

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

In June 1966, George Harrison’s fascination with the sitar reached its apotheosis when he met Ravi Shankar. The meeting between the Beatle and the sitarist occurred at Hampstead in London, at the home of the Angadis, Patricia (née Fell-Clark) and Ayana Deva, who was originally from Karnataka’s Belgaum district. In 1946, the couple had set up the Asian Music Circle, which functioned out of their home. It was Patricia’s family home, but for two decades and more, the Asian Music Circle served as the hub where musicians from India gathered. It was largely through the AMC’s remarkable efforts that these musicians were introduced to the West (mainly Britain, at first), and found opportunities to perform there.

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