How Get Back: Made Paul McCartney Look Like The Best Beatle

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

 By demonstrating his will to keep the band together, Sir Paul McCartney subsequently comes off best in the Disney+ series, The Beatles: Get Back.

Peter Jackson's The Beatles: Get Back gave audiences a rare and enticing glimpse of the Beatles in their natural environment, but it was Sir Paul McCartney who ended up seeming the most competent, interested, and engaging member of the iconic band. Jackson's Disney+ documentary series was hailed as a beautifully personal and intimate look at the fab four as they recorded their final album, Let it Be. The series was praised for giving viewers a more amicable vision of the Beatles, as stories had historically suggested that the recording of Let it Be was stifled by constant in-fighting and major disagreements between the four bandmates.

Source: Nathanial Eker-Male/


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