How The Beatles Would Have Written These Songs If They Were Millennial

Friday, March 23, 2018

I Loved The Beatles Until I Read Their Lyrics; So I Did This...
What if the The Beatles crossed the Abbey Street in 2018. For a 90s kid, being a fan of ‘The Beatles’ after hearing their music well beyond their chartbusters makes you often uncomfortable in conversations where the F-word pops up – Feminism.

You’d have a hard time defending the champion of the free, liberal, equal and almost Utopian world AKA John Lennon, when he had penned songs that blatantly threaten physical violence against the fairer sex.

Believe me, I stand tall as a proud Beatlemaniac, and defend them in every debate that tries to undermine their talent.

But they were also people with their perspectives, outlook, and experience of the world at a time far behind us – the 60s and the 70s. That was a time when women’s equality in the workplace and society was a far-fetched dream, and notions of consent and rights were laced with ambiguity. And precisely thus, I cannot but wonder if the said songs would have turned differently had The Beatles been millennials like you and I.

So ‘Imagine’.



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