I should have been a Beatle, too: Macca's little brother reveals HE was the band's first drummer - until a Scout camp accident wrecked his dream

Saturday, April 19, 2014

We’re talking about life’s ‘if onlys’ when Mike McCartney drops his astonishing bombshell. He hates the word ‘if’. ‘It’s the most stupid, little two-letter word in the world,’ he says. ‘Why have the word? If that bird [he points to a crane flying past his home in the Wirral] came crashing through the window and put its beak into your neck, you’d be dead.’

Which is true, but not very likely, so I don’t think it’s on account of random birds smashing into windows Mike has such an antipathy for the word. Mike, now 70, is the lesser-known brother of that very famous McCartney, Sir Paul. He also had a crack at showbusiness, and has a gold disc to show for his efforts on the wall of his home. The framed disc is for Lily The Pink, a silly party song he released with his group, The Scaffold, in 1968, which went to number one for four weeks, earning him enough cash to buy this house. Paul, of course, has platinum discs and awards lining the walls of his swanky headquarters in London’s Soho Square. Not to mention homes all over the world, staff and... well, let’s just say, as Mike unloads the dishwasher in his modest kitchen, you can’t help wondering whether he wakes in the night thinking, ‘if’. Or, ‘if only I’d joined my brother’s band...’

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Source: Daily Mail, UK

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