John Lennon's Ex-wife Dyed Her Hair Blonder to Catch His Attention: 'I Wasn't About to Be Outdone'

Monday, November 07, 2022

Before they started dating, Cynthia Lennon wanted to catch John Lennon’s attention. After an incident with another blonde student, she dyed her hair even more blonde. Here’s what we learned from the 2005 memoir John.

Lennon is one of the songwriters behind “Hey Jude,” “Twist and Shout,” and “In My Life.” Before even joining the Beatles, Lennon made music with Paul McCartney and George Harrison as the Quarrymen.

Lennon was the oldest of his bandmates, attending college at the same time they wrote and performed.

Before he was in the Beatles, John Lennon attended Liverpool College of Art, now part of Liverpool John Moores University. There, he met his girlfriend Cynthia Powell, who said that Lennon “wasn’t her type” at first.

He was the class clown and often teased her with the nickname “Miss Powell.” Eventually, Cynthia Lennon began falling for the musician.

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