John Lennon's first home is up for sale and you can own it

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The home where John Lennon began his life after his birth in 1940 at 9 Newcastle Road in Liverpool is up for auction and Donna Jackson of the British Beatles Fan Club said in an interview Sept. 28 that the home in many ways hasn't changed from when John Lennon and his mother Julia lived there.

“The house needs some work before it's fully habitable but it's got really great potential,” she said by email. “There are lots of original features that would have been there when John lived there, and they're really lovely. The ceiling roses are gorgeous, and the original pantry is still in the kitchen. It's not at all hard to imagine John living there, and crawling on the floors and holding on the bannister struts (the originals are still in the house) as he clambered up and down the stairs. There's also a really nice 'feel' to the house. I absolutely loved it!”

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Source: The Examiner

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