John still most Popular Beatle after 50 Years

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

50 years after the Beatles first came to America John still appears to be the most Popular Beatle, an online survey over the past 3 years of real Beatles Fans at eCommerce site Fan Four Store has the standings as they have been for many decades John, Paul, George, and Ringo in this poll with nearly 9999 votes counted.

John is in first spot (3534 vote(s) - 35.8%) , followed very closely by Paul (3427 vote(s) - 34.7%) with George 3rd (2005 vote(s) - 20.3%) and of course Ringo in 4th place(906 vote(s) - 9.2%) when this story was posted had registered 9872 vote(s)... they are hoping for 9999 votes by this Friday the 7th Feb 50 years after the Beatles first landed in America , vote today on the home page at this Exclusively Beatles Store on the web.


Favorite Beatle
  • John (3541 vote(s) - 35.8%)
  • Paul (3431 vote(s) - 34.7%)
  • George (2007 vote(s) - 20.3%)
  • Ringo (910 vote(s) - 9.2%)
9889 vote(s)...

Here is what some of our listeners had to say:

·  John made the very best songs, but Paul made the most best songs, I think.
George made some awesome guitar solos and Ringo is the most special drummer of all time.

Sandra Cunningham Paul xx

Mary Chambless Paul

Brian Cagle George is the best Beatle hands down, no questions asked

Anna Jana Sadílková John!

Louise Napoli Paul forever..,<3

Mark Elsebusch Pete!

Claire Hinkle John, George, and Ringo. 

Paul was kind of an ass near the end of the Beatle days.

In general though, I like them all equally.

Mary Hage Pecora Paul ️ my favorite

Pete Karas George will always be my favorite Beatle


Ramon Carballo PAUL!!!!

Ronald Canzanese Has to be John.

Nana Bokhashvili John.

Theresa Flores George George George love him!!

Ann M. Braun I just can't do that. THEY'RE ALL GOOD!!!

Yosadac Ramirez No cierto todos los Beatle son igual de bueno no hay uno mejor

Beatles Radio Great comments cheers

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2/8/2014 3:58 PM
John was and is my fav. Beatle!!

Miss him, bless him cause he is the one who formed the Beatles!!!!!!!

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