Lakewood man turns his house into a shrine of The Beatles, pop culture

Friday, May 09, 2014

The home of Johnny Jones is quiet and plain from the outside. The only movement on this spring day comes from leaves skittering on the long and winding road that leads to the Tudor-style house.

But inside, the house is vibrating. On this day, as with most, it’s from a track by the iconic British band The Beatles. Jones is an extreme Beatles fan. He’s not alone, but few have gone to the length Jones has. Using paint, furnishings, murals and memorabilia, Jones has turned his Lakewood home into a temple devoted to The Beatles, classic rock and pop culture. Jones became a fan of The Beatles at the age of 3 when he heard “A Hard Day’s Night.” Now 51, he’s still just as obsessed. He’s been to the birthplace of the Beatles — Liverpool, England — three times. “Some people go to Jerusalem, I go there,” Jones says. He doesn’t dress like the Beatles, he is quick to point out. But he’d be forgiven if he did. Jones plays keyboard and guitar in a Beatles tribute band, Apple Jam. The name is a nod to The Beatles’ recording label. Apple Jam performs songs that were composed but never released by The Beatles. They’ve put out two albums over eight years and headlined a Beatles festival in 2009.

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Source: The News Tribune, Tacoma

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5/9/2014 11:05 PM

you call THIS guy a Beatles fan?....his last words are, "everything is for sale here, so let me know"...NO Beatles fan would EVER sell anything that is authentic!!!!  i can find SO many inconsistancies with this video that it makes me sick...most of the stuff he has HE has made or refurbished...the bobbles may be real, but they have been reproduced a LOT. the other stuff is post-breakup and could be purchased anywhere...i could buy a drum set and make it look like Ringo's...i HAVE a bass that looks like Paul's...ANYone could buy the guitars and make them look like each player's guitar...and autographs can be purchased anywhere if one has enough money...and finally---if this is TRULY a Beatles shrine......why is there a Led Zep poster hanging on the wall? this guy's 15 seconds of fame...are over...

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