Lennon’s visit remembered in Chelsea Flower Show

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

John Lennon’s visit to the Island in 1980 will be a feature of this year’s famous Chelsea Flower Show by way of a “Bermuda Double Fantasy Garden” exhibit. Double Fantasy was the name of Lennon’s last album, inspired by the freesia the former Beatle saw during a walk through the Botanical Gardens. The album was the last one he released before being shot dead in New York.

Previous Chelsea Flower Show exhibitor and medal-winner Dominique (Nicky) Gurret has designed the garden, which is being sponsored by the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Ms Gurret’s exhibit will combine various aspects of the Island with a garden setting alongside a beach overlooking the “imaginary crystal clear Bermuda blue water”, said a hotel spokesman. “On one side of the path, there will be palms along with an abundance of tropical vegetation. Closer to the beach, there will an easel where an artist has left his or her painting of the ocean along with a sailboat representing the boat on which John Lennon sailed to Bermuda. The other side of the path will feature a sculpture signifying John Lennon and his love for Yoko and their son.

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Source: Royal Gazette, Bermuda

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