McCartney on those made-up words in some Beatles songs

Monday, September 21, 2020

Lennon and McCartney sneaked in Liverpool slang or even made up new words or phrases for their songs, Paul McCartney says in a new interview on his official website.

"There was a thing in Liverpool that us kids used to do, which was instead of saying 'f-off', we would say ‘chicka ferdy’, McCartney said.

"It actually exists in the lyrics of The Beatles song Sun King. In that song we just kind of made up things, and we were all in on the joke. We were thinking that nobody would know what it meant, and most people would think, ‘Oh, it must be Spanish,’ or something. But, we got a little seditious word in there!"
"When you are kids you make up silly things, and what’s great about it is you and your friends all know those silly things," recalled the once and forever Beatle.



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