Mike Love of the Beach Boys Honors George Harrison with Unreleased Song ‘Pisces Brothers’

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mike Love of the Beach Boys was a close friend and colleague of the late George Harrison, and to honor Harrison’s birthday today (February 25) a previously-unheard recording has been premiered.

Said Love in a statement about the song, and Harrison’s birthday: As you all know, February 25th would have been the 71st birthday of George Harrison. George and I had shared many life experiences together, some of my most cherished moments in life especially the time spent with George and his band mates at Maharishi’s Academy in Rishikesh, India. George and I felt that the pursuit of spiritual knowledge more than balanced our lives as musicians. We found that practicing TM provided us with an inner peace that enhanced our music. Once one found inner peace, there was no reason to look to substances for the purpose of reaching an altered state of consciousness.

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Source: Rock Cellar Magazine

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