Mike McCartney Shares His Photos and Memories of The Beatles, Hendrix and Bo Diddley at Swansea's Grand Theatre

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Dubbed Flash Harry by Brian Epstein, Mike McCartney shares some of his favourite photos of The Beatles, Liverpool and the architects of rock 'n roll at Swansea's Grand Theatre on April 25

HIS photographs of The Beatles - back when they were still combing their hair up and back like Elvis - have become iconic, and he has enjoyed a life behind the lens, as well as in the spotlight, with the satirical mischief makers, The Scaffold. Now Mike McCartney will share tales of photographing Jerry Lee Lewis and Hendrix, and growing up with 'Our Kid' in the artistic petri dish of his beloved post-war Liverpool. He heads to Swansea's Grand Theatre with Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll (I Wish). And he says you may have to forgive him a little misty-eyed nostalgia on the night. "There are a lot of emotional moments in the show for me. My mum is in there in the photographs and she died when I was 12. And dad is there. He's gone now. And there are photos that show the extent of the bombing in Liverpool, which was terrible, though luckily I was in Walton General Hospital at the time, being born."

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Source: South Wales Evening Post, UK

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