Mitch Benn to perform 'The 37th Beatle' in Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Comedian Mitch Benn will be returning to Stafford in April with his latest show The 37th Beatle. Here, he talks to us about the show. When you think about it, a Scouse comedian/musician touring with a show about The Beatles makes perfect sense.

But it was by rather unfortunate chance that the idea for ‘The 37th Beatle’ came to Mitch Benn last year after trying to come up with an Edinburgh Fringe show for some time. Upon hearing of the passing of singer-songwriter Tony Sheridan, who was often referred to as the ‘5th Beatle’ on account of his early work with the band, Mitch got to thinking: “I’d heard a lot of people claiming to be the ‘5th Beatle’ and I thought hang on a minute, they can’t all be right. Basic arithmetic alone dictates that. I mean, I must be the 28th or something…” And so the idea of a show listing all of the candidates in ascending order was born. Mitch insists it is very much a ‘homage’ rather than a ‘tribute’ to the band, because “’Beatles tribute’ specifically suggests mop haired wigs and a right-handed Paul McCartney.”

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Source: Staffordshire Newsletter, UK

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