"My dad interviewed John Lennon in bed"

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It’s 50 years since the Fab Four first played in our capital. Nathan Bevan talks to one fan who is keeping the rock ‘n’ roll spirit going. This year marks a half century since The Beatles first played Cardiff – a momentous, cacophonous riot of a gig in which South Wales’ Fab Four fanatics packed the city’s Capitol Cinema to become part of music history.

And, while almost a decade would pass before Julian Pugsley was born, that short but historic seven-song set would go on to make an indelible impression on his life. Well, that and his father getting into bed with John Lennon. “The Beatles had split before I’d even arrived in this world, but I’ll never forget my journalist dad Calvin telling me about the time in ‘69 he got to interview Lennon in bed at the Amsterdam Hilton,” says the frontman with tribute act All You Need Is The Beatles. “John and Yoko had just started staging their two-week lie-in in opposition of the Vietnam War.” And how did he feel to have been present at such a significant juncture in pop culture?

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Source: Wales Online, UK

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