Paul McCartney Once Cleared Up a Controversy About the Lyrics of 'Live and Let Die'

Monday, September 06, 2021

Fans have been debating about the lyrics of Wings’ “Live and Let Die” for years. Different listeners hear the lyrics of the song differently. During an interview, Paul McCartney said he wasn’t sure what the lyrics of “Live and Let Die” were before he definitively pinned them down.

“Live and Let Die” is a song with a major legacy. The title track of the Roger Moore film of the same name, “Live and Let Die” was the first rock song to serve as a James Bond theme. It remains one of the most famous theme songs for a James Bond film. It’s also one of Wings’ most famous songs from the 1970s.

Despite its ubiquity, one aspect of “Live and Let Die” remains mysterious. Some websites say the song includes the lyric “if this ever changin’ world/In which we’re livin’/Makes you give in and cry/Say ‘live and let die.'” Other sites say the lyric is “in which we live in” rather than “In which we’re living.”



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