Paul McCartney played beautiful Beatles song at wife's funeral

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Linda eventually died on April 17, 1998 at the McCartney family ranch in Tucson, Arizona. She was surrounded by McCartney and their four children, Mary, Stella, James and Heather.

Shortly thereafter, Linda was cremated and taken back to England. McCartney spread her ashes on the McCartney family farm in Sussex.

A grief-stricken McCartney released a statement where he revealed his final words to his wife. He told Linda on her deathbed: "You’re up on your beautiful Appaloosa stallion. It’s a fine spring day. We’re riding through the woods. The bluebells are all out, and the sky is a clear blue." He added: "I had barely got to the end of the sentence when she closed her eyes and gently slipped away." McCartney continued: "Our family is so close that her passing has left a huge hole in our lives. We will never get over it, but I think we will come to accept it, total heartbreak."

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