Paul McCartney Said This Beatles Song Ends Like A Shakespeare Play

Monday, March 13, 2023

Like so many of you, Clash sat down to watch Peter Jackson’s incredible Beatles documentary Get Back unsure what to expect – one prevailing factor, however, was the genius of Paul McCartney.

Sifting through the Clash archives, we-revisited a conversation founding editor Simon Harper had with the maestro back in 2009. The occasion was a Beatles re-issue, and the two chewed the fat over some classic Fab Four moments.

Appropriately, the conversation closes with ‘The End’ – the final moment on the final album The Beatles made together. The end point of the medley that climaxes ‘Abbey Road’, it seems to act as a message to the Fab Four themselves – “In the end the love you take / Is equal to the love you make…”

During our conversation with Paul McCartney, he notes that this is a couplet – the same way Shakespeare would tie together some of his most famous plays. “I just thought that was a nice line,” he said modestly. “Someone pointed out to me recently, ‘Ah, it’s a Shakespearean rhyming couplet, which Shakespeare ended all the acts of his plays on.’ But I did study Shakespeare, that was sort of my thing; I got a Literature A-level, which is my only claim to academic fame.”

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