Paul McCartney Says He's Too Practical to Believe in Ghosts

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Paul McCartney is a practical person, so he doesn’t exactly believe in ghosts. When the former Beatle hears a bump in the night, he brushes it off, thinking about the house’s plumbing. However, just because Paul doesn’t believe in the supernatural doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in spiritual signs. “I would say no, not really,” Paul answered. “I’ve heard bumps in the night, but it’s usually the plumbing! You know, I’m a bit too practical so if I see something or hear something, I normally will reach for a rational explanation. “I do know a lot of people who go, ‘Oooo!’ and think, ‘Oh, that must be something spooky!’ No, the thing is I’ve never seen a ghost so I can’t believe in them. I’m not sure.”



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