George Harrison Used to Tell Paul McCartney There Was No Need to Feud With Yoko Ono

Thursday, June 16, 2022

George never forgot things, but he always moved on from them. He learned to do that through spirituality. This is the basis of All Things Must Pass, after all. George knew we were only on this earth for a short time, so he didn’t waste time on silly things.

He tried telling this to Paul. There was no point in fighting with Yoko.

There was a time when George and Paul initially had similar thoughts on Yoko Ono. Once John started bringing her to the recording studio, a place at that point where none of the Beatles’ women ever went, his bandmates began getting annoyed.

There was a situation concerning Yoko eating some digestive biscuits in the studio, which angered George. Then there was the time George insulted Yoko to her face.



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