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I listen to the Beatles-Radio when I do my homework or study for an exam in college. =]
Posted: 2 years ago
Good Movie! =D

They need to make more Beatles Movies~
Posted: 2 years ago
Have some "respect" for it's a beatle song, Don't "rage" on the very art that The Beatles have created. You Don't understand this is under the Covers of The Beatles.
Please accept that This song represent The Beatles legacy into the younger generation.
Love bro, accept it. =)
Posted: 2 years ago
My favorite Beatles cover was "A Day In The Life" done by sorta Modern and very talented band I grew up with.
The Band name is "Mae"

I would love it, if you can play it on

Here a link to listen to it on youtube:

Here are another song cover I love:

"Help" - from "Howie Day" Album "I AM SAM"
Posted: 2 years ago