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Bottom line is, they simply wouldn't have been The Beatles without anyone of them. As has been stated time and again in documentation of this machine, John challenged Paul and vice versa while George quietly built his own catalouge. John has always been my favourite Beatle, but  the older I get and the more I listen to George and Pauls songs, I am constantly surprising myself with how much in the past of being such a passionate John fan, I have missed the boat on so many great songs. George especially. Even in their solo works, there are so many wonderful songs. Even just today in listening to some solo works I once again heard Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsley (which I think is one of Pauls greatest songs), and in listening to it more, you would automatically think that would be a song that John would have written, so you can totally see how they all learned from each other. Bottom line the older I get the more I respect all of them. So no they couldnt have made it without Paul, but they also wouldnt have made it without each and every other member of the Beatles. Even their solo stuff. With the solo stuff they came out with after the divorce, can you "IMAGINE" how great the next album or 2 would have been.
Posted: 2 years ago