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Not only were they great but they also were smart, being a musician is more than playing an instrument its making everything come together in harmony.  They did just that.  They took the most abstract sounds and ideas and made them hits.
Posted: one year ago
Topic: App For Droid
Thanks for the advice.   I may look into making one.  I have a little background in coding, guess its time to broaden my horizons and see if can create this. No promises but Ill sure as try
Posted: one year ago
I saw the topic on where you listen to Beatles Radio and got me thinking that I wish I could listen to the BR all the time even on my way to work.  I have Sirius radio and though that it may be a good place for BR to eventually end up.  So I went proactive and sent a email to the staff here at BR and gave them my idea on putting the greatest band with the greatest website out there to reach out to more listeners.  

There are already channels dedicated to there bands whom I think arent as good so Im sure that have BR on there would ony have high numbers of listens.  Anyway a longer story just a little shorter I was told in my reply to see what the general feel was for and see if we can make this happen and make BR even better.
Posted: 2 years ago