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Hi Beatle lovers
                      is it really possible that the 4 Beatle sons can Come Together .
     well i for one hope not ,i loved the Beatles ,and there may be a very good chance that they are fine musicians
    as they would have been taught by there fathers who were masters of there trade ,but please please me Beatle sons ,sure go have a go ,Come Together ,but dont copy your dads ,do your own thing ,i need my Beatle dream to stay intact ,
  i would be very pleased to hear what you people out there think ,so come on Beatle lovers ,should the 4 Beatle sons come together ,my very best wishes ,scarrabri /Brian.
Posted: 2 years ago
Well i thank everyone who wrote in ,and i think we mostly agree that there had to be the four of them ,no one of them could have been missing from that wonderful line up ,Paul had to be there ,but so did the other three,as did Georg Martin,i listen to todays music and i dont feel any thing ,which makes me so sad ,oh how i miss the Beatle years  ,as i am quite sure all on here do ,any ways ,the music lives on ,my very best wishes Brian.
Posted: 2 years ago
I ,also wonder if it was true ,that John was reported to have said ,that if George did not get his act together ,and just play instead of moaning all the time ,that they should replace him with Clapton,and that also George must have learnt some thing from working with the two best song writers,true or not i am not sure,best wishes Brian.
Posted: 2 years ago
HI...I'm Liverpoolbride(as on the website-forum) and I'm the one who Paul mentioned on his "LIVE chat" back in May of 2010. My birthday is 06-18-51 I would say NO, the Beatles wouldn't have had a prayer without him!lol He was a driving force and talent that is still strong today! I'm STILL the nicest fan that Paul will never meet!..:)

BTW...I'm married to a bloke from Liverpool, he was born in 1942 same as Paul

May you find peace this day and everyday and learn to laugh!  :)
    liverpoolbride ,a warm hello to you and your husband me being a neighbour ,i agree the Beatles did need Paul,but would he have been half as good without John,maybe not ,even George and Ringo gave so much to make the Beatles the Greatest group we may ever see, take care my dear friends from Liverpool,best wishes Brian/scarrabri.
Posted: 3 years ago
Wow   i never thought this debate would still be going ,but i would like to say to all the Beatle lovers a warm thank you for all the feedback and thoughts ,it sure has made brilliant reading and i think we all have to agree the Beatles are the Greatest foursome that ever got together and created music that will go on for forever ,there had to be the four to be the Beatles, take care Beatle lovers until we meet again ,best wishes Brian /scarrabri.
Posted: 3 years ago
Hi ,and yes i listen to Beatles on my laptop and my home computer,and it Rocks,best wishes Brian/scarrabri.
Posted: 3 years ago
Doctor Robert:
Every once in a while these pop up, OMG, better not say that. if you don't like our free service DON'T LISTEN.

I'm listening to your station as usual at work, and I hear this little take between songs that said something like " - We're bigger than Jesus" or vice-versa.

Seriously??? Again? Like John didn't stir enough controversy the first time, you're going to do it again? I for one feel very offended that you inserted that cut between songs. It's not funny, it's offensive, especially for devout Christians who just happen to love the Beatles and listen to your station.

Myself and a whole legion of Christians who listen to your station would be very pleased to know that you no longer included that comment which I sincerely find less than tactful.

Thank you,
Daniel Sereno
Houston TX USA
                                  Hi, i too  am a  Christian ,but please in this troubled world as when John spoke the same words it has to be taken a little light hearted,i know i never took  John or Beatle to really be bigger than Jesus ,and i am quite sure if Jesus was to hear theese words he would have quite a chuckle /laugh too , but i am sorry you feel a little upset ,but be sure Jesus too has a good sense of humour and fun ,my very best wishes Brian/scarrabri
Posted: 3 years ago
Hi  2Morrow!  
                   I think what you wrote sums up the Beatles beautifuly, as each of the four members had so much to offer ,and again there is no need to say who was best ,  because they all had a part to play ,and indeed gave the whole world so much pleasure ,and i for one would not have missed it for a single moment,very best wishes Brian ,scarrabri.
Posted: 3 years ago
Hi geekymary ,i think you are ok in saying John and Paul were brilliant togeather ,but i also think  Paul in the latter years dominated the amount of brilliant songs that were released ,and that John had actualy lost his way ,but still capable of producing fine songs ,maybe the magic was gone for John,whilst Paul went on to form the brilliant Wings with the biggest star of them all ,pauls beautiful wife Linda,now theres a real star carry on no matter what people thought ,so when i think of Wings i think of Linda,best wishes Scarrabri.
Posted: 3 years ago
Topic: Hey geekymary
Hey  geekymary ,hi there ,it would be nice to talk to you,but ever since you left a message i cant get on to my (would the beatles have made it with out Paul Mccartney story)  it just keeps coming up error,lol best wishes anyway ,scarrabri
Posted: 3 years ago
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