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Hi ,no paul did not form the Beatles ,John did ,but when you look back to most things the Beatles were involved in Paul seems to have took the lead, which probaly caused some of the reasons the Beatles called it a day .  scarrabri
Posted: 3 years ago
Good Golly Miss Molly (Digital Sheet Music)
Composer: Robert Blackwell, John Marascalco
Performer: The Beatles, Little Richard
Genre: Pop, Rock
Scored For: Piano/Vocal/Chords
Publisher: Control
Pages: 4
Composed: 1957
Product ID: 111147
Transposable: Yes
Midi Playback: Yes
Price: £3.11
First Line: Good golly Miss Molly, yeah you sure like a ball

        Hi my dear friend this is all i could find,so i am still not sure if the Beatles ever recorded it ,i think not but perhaps some one else can confirm if they did or did not ,good question my friend,best wishes ,scarrabri
Posted: 3 years ago
Hi ,just another thought ,the Beatles were brilliant song writers ,but were they good musicians ? i know they sure sound good on record ,but were they so hot live, im not so sure they were ,maybe any Beatle fans who play guitar have an opinion , it would be nice to hear what you think ,best wishes Beatle lovers ,scarrabri.
Posted: 3 years ago
Hi i grew up in Stoke on trent England ,30 mins drive to Liverpool ,the Beatles birth place ,The first time i heard the Beatles was when my brother who was older that i ,he was 12yrs old and myself 10yrs old bought Love me do,or i think it was  ,and a Beatle fan was born ,i never got to see them live ,but many years later watched Paul McCartney  and his band at the Albert Docks Liverpool ,never has any other moment touched me so much ,i do how ever wonder if the Beatles would have made it if not for Paul McCartney ,just a thought,best wishes scarrabri.
Posted: 3 years ago
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