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I listen at work on the computer or at home(in NY) on my Sangean Internet Radio which sounds great.

Thanks from a fan across the pond!
Posted: 3 years ago
We must remember that John was quoted out of context.  He made the mistake of talking to a reporter "off the record".  The reporter took the quote and left out the rest of the statement.  John was saying how kids have got caught up in the mania and its gotten to be like The Beatles were more popular than Jesus.  He was making a statement of how The Beatles success was getting out of control and meant more to kids than religion.

I don't think that John was trying to insult Christianity. If you remember, he desperately tried to apologize for the misunderstanding. John always spoke his mind.  If he really wanted to be contemptuous, he clearly would have said so.
Posted: 3 years ago
The Beatles were a collaborative effort.  In my opinion, they all had talent, but collectively, the were amazing.  Each one of them added to the sucess of The Beatles to give that unique sound. They all brought something to the table.  From George's influence in Indian music to John's sarcasm and sometimes harsh wit which can be heard in many songs.

Would The Beatles have made it without Paul McCartney?  Probably not.  But then, The Beatles wouldn't have been The Beatles without John, George or Ringo either.
Posted: 3 years ago