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Decided to make a topic to show off our Beatles paraphernalia and collections! I'll go ahead and post mine. Warning though, it's quite a bit of stuff!



1. Beatles '65 - US - Original - 1964
2. Revolver - Reissue - US - 1971
3. Meet the Beatles - US - Original - 1964
4. Help! - Reissue - US - 1969 (Although the cover is from an original)
5. McCartney - Original - US - 1970
6. Hard Day's Night - ?? - ??
7. Tug of War - Original - US - 1982
8. Thirty Three & 1/3 - Original - US and Canada - 1976
9. Band on the Run - Original - US - 1973
10. George Harrison - Original - India - 1979
11. Goodnight Vienna - Original - UK - 1974


1. The Beatles - Unseen Archives
2. Life Magazine
3. Life in Pictures: John Lennon
4. Life in Pictures: The Beatles
5. I Met the Walrus
6. John Lennon - A Spaniard in the Works/In His Own Write
7. Abbey Road Notebook
8. The Beatles Revealed
9. Rolling Stone Magazine - 100 Best Beatles Songs
10. Rolling Stone Magazine - Why the Beatles Broke Up
11. Guitar Legends Magazine - The Complete Fab Four
12. The Beatles Anthology


1. Hard Day's Night
2. Help!
3. Magical Mystery Tour
4. All Together Now - A Documentary Film
5. Paul McCartney - The Space Within Us
6. The Beatles Unauthorized
7. The Beatles Rockband
8. The Beatles Rockband - Paul McCartney Hofner Bass


1-5. Beatles Mugs - Please Please Me, Help!, Hard Day's Night, Beatles for Sale, Magical Mystery Tour
6. Magical Mystery Tour Bus
7. The Early Tapes of the Beatles - Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers
8. "Imagine" Leaflet - Hard Rock Cafe
9. Beatles Anthology Puzzle

Wall Art/Posters

1. Beatles "Ed Sullivan" Poster
2. Beatles for Sale Sign
3. Personal Drawings - Signed by the Fab Four
4. Beatles "Umbrella" Poster
5. Beatles Faux Signed Portrait
6. Beatles "Walking" Poster
7-9. Fab Four Concert Tickets. 8 Signed
10. Beatles Tribute Band Symphony Concert Ticket
11. Beatles Fan Club Button
12. Yellow Submarine 3D Movie Sign
13. Sgt. Pepper's Wall Clock
14. Abbey Road Wooden Sign
15. Beatles Portrait Wall Sign


1. The Beatles - Marshalls
2. Mr. Kite - LOVE Show Store - The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas
3. All You Need is Love
4. The Beatles Fab Four - LOVE Show Store - The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas
5. Let It Be - Rue 21
6. The Beatles Fab Four - Target
7. Beatles Beanie
8. Beatles Sgt. Pepper Cap (Buttons from LOVE Show)
9. Black Fiddler's Cap
10. Lennon Reflective Round Glasses

-pic coming in the morning-

1. 4 Beatles Yellow Submarine Glasses
2. 2 LOVE Show Souvenir Cups


So post your stuff if you have a lot of Beatles stuff!
Posted: 2 years ago
Robin Williams' "Come Together" was surprisingly great. It seems a bit odd at first, but I like it a lot.

The Secret Machines also did a fantastic job at "Blue Jay Way".

Those are two of my favorite covers.
Posted: 2 years ago
Hah, it's pretty humorous when people take things way more seriously than they should.

I myself am a Christian, born and raised in the church, and I don't see John's quip about Jesus as any more than light humor at the band's success in relation to the success of religion. If anything, it's the media's explosion around the out-of-context quote which led to the mass Beatle-burnings across the nation.

I don't blame John for having a bit of a laugh, nor do I blame BeatlesRadio for creating a parody of the infamous quote. It's relevant, humorous, and isn't meant to be offensive.

Rock on, BR!
Posted: 2 years ago
Seeing as George Harrison is classified as one of the best guitarists in musical history and Ringo Starr being in the best drummer's category, yes I would say that the Beatles were fantastic musicians. Not only because of their skill, but because of their innovation and creativity. They did things that no one else thought to do which gave the music industry a whole new sound and feel.

I feel that their song-writing and musical talents were about on the same level of greatness.
Posted: 2 years ago
When you really listen to the Beatles on a regular basis, it's easy to find out who sings in which songs. I have to say that John and George do sound frighteningly similar though. But if you listen to their songs enough, you can pick out the differences.

You know, short of just wiki-ing the songs to find out who sings them. Lol.
Posted: 2 years ago

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Dana Fuch's (Across the Universe, fyi) renditions of Oh Darling and Don't Let Me Down, but her Helter Skelter leaves a LOT to be desired. I honestly don't think there's too many people who can pull off a decent cover of Helter Skelter (and honestly, I haven't heard a good one yet), but I have to at least give Dana props for trying.

It didn't really go with the flow of the movie and it's just hard to really perform as well as Macca did with that infamous scream of his.

Other than Helter Skelter though, I do love her other covers. Including her bits in Dear Prudence and I Want You.

Just thought I'd weigh my opinion in since this forum seems a lacking in some life! Let me know if you feel the same/different/what-have-you. I love to hear varying opinions!
Posted: 2 years ago