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I think it was the unique combination of the four of them, particularly Paul and John.  I don't think Paul would have been as successful without John, either.  

I'm sure John would have kept playing, and someone would have eventually taught him how to tune his guitar properly.  But would he have kept playing after Julia died?  Hanging with Paul kind of pulled him through that (as much as he pulled through, which was certainly incomplete) since he'd lost his mum recently, too.  Without Paul, he might have turned to Stu and art.  He'd've been a brilliant cartoonist or something.

But without John, Paul would have been a successful musician, but probably not to the Beatles level.  He'd've probably led a band and had everything done His Way.  But that meant that he wouldn't have been challenged the way John did, which made him grow.

They both would have been great, but together, they were brilliant.
Posted: 3 years ago