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too bad! I've never heard of her before, but I like her cover version of "I Will". She has a fragile, bird-like voice (some people like that; some don't). How many artists have even covered this song? Are there other versions? If so BeatlesRadio, please play them too. :-)
Posted: 3 years ago
there's a few good covers I adore and I would never have heard of them if it wasn't for
Vanessa Rae ("Because")
CCC Kelly? ("Watch the Hole") - mashup
David Bowie ("Across the Universe")

there are others, but these are foremost on my mind. Too bad some people don't like Alison Krauss' cover of "I Will". ;-)
Posted: 3 years ago
I like the updated However, I don't see "song lyrics". It comes up looking the same as "just played". Experiencing copyright issues with those lyrics lads? :-)
Posted: 3 years ago
When I have a chance to, I listen while at work because it helps me get through the day!
Posted: 3 years ago
I love the "Fixing a Hole" mash up! Please play more Beatles covers from this artist if available. Thanks! But I also love violinist Vanessa Rae's cover of "Because" which is the Beatles covering a J.S. Bach Baroque piece backwards. Clever stuff!
Posted: 3 years ago
Your question is one for Time-Travelers and the "what if?" crowd, but it's a good question. To me, it's just one of those mysteries in life that one comes to accept and appreciate: the Beatles were who they were meant to be. The final four members were meant to be John, Paul, George and Ringo. It would've been a different band if Stu Sutcliffe (God rest His soul) had lived (although he did drop out shortly before his untimely death), or if John didn't fire Pete Best (former band drummer). I wouldn't question the outcome; it feels as though it was all meant to be and what has come out of it all has been simply beautiful and divine (for me). I loved Paul McCartney and Wings too! And I loved what each "Beatle" did as a solo artist. They all went on to make wonderful, individual music; some better than others but it is all good. They even wrote and gave away songs to other artists while they were the Beatles and as solo artists. Their style inspired so many other musicians and singers. They're a gift to the world that keeps on giving. Considering they known each other since the late 1950's, I accept the fact that by 1970 they were a little worn out and wanted to raise their own families and live their own lives. They deserved that and I wish more people would grow up and accept that fact. It's a shock sometimes to realize that Lennon would be murdered in 1980, a mere 10 years after the Beatles broke up. People want to debate which guy was better, Paul or John. The answer is neither. They were both great, especially together. And they each had something to say apart from each other as ex-Beatles. All good.
Posted: 3 years ago
I'm not a musician. But you can ask any famous and non-famous musician, classical or rock and they'll tell you that yes, the Beatles were pretty good musicians, considering they were self-taught (in other words had no formal training) and yet they kept learning ways to improve their techniques. Their producer George Martin introduced them to a lot of musical instruments, styles and sound effects which were very helpful and improved their musicianship. They preferred to play live but with all those screaming fans in '64-'66, they didn't feel anyone could really hear them play, thus they stopped and perfected their techniques live in the studio. Their German fans in Hamburg would tell you that the Beatles were quite good as live performers who jammed while playing long sets during ungodly hours. And with Ringo and Paul still alive amongst us, they continue to be good musicians and sound good considering their age. And John and George certainly were good musicians until their untimely deaths in 1980 and 2001 respectively. There's so much written about this now and is beyond questioning. The only people who would say the Beatles were mediocre are music snobs who don't like the Beatles anyway for whatever reason.
Posted: 3 years ago
I think so, because the Beatles have covered other Little Richard tunes and he was one of their personal favorites. But to find a record collection with that cover song by them seems like a difficult search. But it pops up on the internet. Have you had any luck yet?
Posted: 3 years ago
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