Real Love: A Cartoonist Draws on Her Teenage Obsession with the Beatles

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

When the Beatles played Comiskey Park on Chicago’s South Side in the summer of 1965, Carol Tyler was just an awestruck kid. At 13, the now-established painter and award-winning cartoonist’s relationship with the Fab Four was uncomplicated: She was one of more than 70 million television viewers who watched the British act’s life-affirming performance on The Ed Sullivan Show a year earlier. From there, she morphed from reasonable Catholic school student to starry-eyed, madras-clad Beatles devotee who hoarded 45s, led a fan club chapter, and perfected a British accent. When the St. Bede nuns confiscated her fan magazines, Tyler amassed more, pasting up photos in her bedroom until a curated shrine to the band watched over her as she slept. The Beatles were her everything.




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