Ringo A "No Nonsense" Band Leader: Greg Lake

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer fame says that as a member of Ringo's 2001 All-Starr Band, he learned that there was a lot more to the man than he expected.

“It was quite an extraordinary experience, partly because he wasn't the person I was expecting. He's a lot better player than I really thought,” Lake says. “He's a very disciplined person. You only have to listen and focus on the drum parts in the Beatles  and hear that they're all flawless. But he's very disciplined. Even with my music, he would keep on and on and on until it was absolutely right.”

“I saw then the effect he must have had in the Beatles was very similar. He was quite a perfectionist. That was something I didn't realize about him. He's got this wonderful feel. He's an amazing person.”

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