Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh's BFF Ascension: A Timeline

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

There are a lot of friendships out there in the Hollywood “community” that are definitely worth talking about. Hell, that are definitely worth celebrating. We’re ride or die for Nicole and Naomi. We’d take a bullet for Winona and Keanu. But, frankly, we’re going to need you to immediately forget every single BFF duo you know, because we have a new front-runner for Friendship of the Millennium: Septuagenarian rock icons Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh. Oh god, they are cute! In an effort of full transparency, Vulture was aware that they shared brother-in-law status for a while now, but in a fun interview with Rolling Stone last month, John Mulaney made us realize the full extent of their bromance while reflecting on the newest Rock Hall inductees. “You know who should be inducted? The friendship of Joe Walsh and Ringo Starr,” he said. “They are together so much, it warms my heart.”

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