Ringo Starr illness: Why did The Beatles star have to spend A YEAR in hospital as a child?

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sir Ringo Starr has dedicated his life to music, first with The Beatles and then as a solo artist. However, his beginnings were difficult to manage, and he spent a year away from his family. Despite these hardships, Sir Ringo was able to find the thing he loves most: the drums.

Sir Ringo was born Richard Starkey, the only child of confectioners Richard Starkey and Elsie Gleave on July 7, 1940.

Like his bandmates, he is from Liverpool, though he was born in the Dingle area of the inner city.

Young Richard Starkey was first introduced to percussion as a young boy, but his introduction to this instrument was a very sad one indeed.

According to Bob Spitz’s The Beatles: A Biography, Sir Ringo developed appendicitis at the age of six.

Source: Jenny Desborough/


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