Sean Lennon removes intrusive tree at Marisa Tomei’s parents’ behest

Friday, March 10, 2017

Imagine there's no tree. It's easy if you try... Sean Lennon has removed the tree that Marisa Tomei's parents claimed tore through the foundation of their Greenwich Village townhouse, they said Tuesday. Gary and Addie Tomei alleged in a lawsuit that the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono had let the 60-foot ailanthus in front of his W. 13th St. townhouse bore under their property.

The Tomeis demanded $10 million in their Manhattan Supreme Court suit, which was filed in February 2015.

A judge ruled in favor of the Tomeis last September. While Lennon filed an appeal shortly thereafter, court filings indicate he stopped pursuing his appeal at some point before the settlement was reached. Gary Tomei said Tuesday that he and Lennon had “recently” reached a confidential settlement. He confirmed that the tree had been removed “about a month ago.”

Gary Tomei declined to comment on the agreement other than to say he’s “just happy it's over.”

Lennon’s lawyer declined to comment.

By: Victoria Bekiempis

Source: The New York Daily News


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