SF Tape Music Festival throws the Beatles in the mix

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

It would be hard to describe the San Francisco Tape Music Festival as a pop event — except maybe this year, it might just be a little apropos. Included amid the usual profusion of diverse and unpredictable offerings is “Revolution 9,” the classic sonic collage from the Beatles’ so-called “White Album” that may still be the best-known example of “musique concrète.”

But that’s only one small slice of a four-concert annual event that bristles with prerecorded music of all shapes and vintages. This year’s lineup features a wealth of other works from the late 1960s by such composers as Morton Subotnick, Wendy Carlos and James Tenney.

From just the past year comes music by Brendan Glasson, Kristin Miltner, Larry Polansky, Kris Force and many more. It’s a testament to the variety that’s possible in this musical landscape.

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