Someone has transformed The Beatles' 'A Hard Day's Night' into a terrifying Korean horror movie

Wednesday, February 06, 2019


A fan of The Beatles has created a mash-up that sees their seminal movie A Hard Day’s Night combining with Korean horror The Train To Busan for an unexpectedly terrifying result.

The cult Korean movie was released in 2016 and follows the terrifying string of events that occur after a zombie apocalypse breaks out on a train to the city of Busan.

But in the newly created version, it seems that the zombies aren’t the threat at all. Instead, it appears that four recognisable lads from Liverpool are causing everyday Koreans to mount a desperate battle for survival.

As the scenario plays out, we see terrifying footage from The Train To Busan being cleverly combined with a famous scene from the 1964 film where the Fab Four cause chaos on a train from Liverpool to London.

The result is pretty chilling – and it’s unlikely that we’ll ever watch A Hard Day’s Night in the same way ever again.

Although the latest clip is just a parody, it was announced last week that The Beatles will head back to the big screen in a new documentary directed by Sir Peter Jackson.

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