Sometimes, it’s better to reject The Beatles…

Friday, June 21, 2013

A copy of the Beatles rejected audition tape for Decca resurfaced recentlyand aside from sending shivers down the collective spines of aged record company execs who once proclaimed guitar music as ‘on the way out’ – it got me thinking about rejection.

How could anyone turn away the band that went on to create some of the most beloved pieces of pop music ever recorded? How could anyone claim the Fab Four ‘had no future in show business’?

Easy, they were barely the same band.

What many people don’t mention when they discuss the Beatles Decca audition is that they played a set comprised mostly of covers with just 3 Lennon/McCartney originals thrown in. The band even sang in mock-American accents in order to sound like the Rock n’ Roll groups of the era. There were hints of greatness in their performance, but the tape hardly showcases the Beatles that people know and love today.

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