Stella McCartney - Saving Sheep, One Herd At A Time

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stella McCartney has become a pretty big name. And not just because of her famous father. Or her activist mother. But her of her own fame. And her own activism. That's right, Stella McCartney, daughter of famed Beatle Paul McCartney and American activist Linda McCartney, has teamed up with the Nature Conversancy and Orvis 21 - a network of over 160 farmers in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

The aim? To undo the effects of more than 100 years of overgrazing due to reckless sheep herding. Argentina is currently the world's fifth-largest producer of wool. Most of the knitwear in McCartney's fall collection came from these farms. She's trying to inspire others in the industry to follow suit. On her official website,, she's written, "By focusing on a raw material and not a specific fabric, this allows us to maximum design flexibility...I am proud to be expanding the boundaries of what sustainability can look and feel like." While it may sound strange to mix the worlds of designer fashion and sustainable sheep herding, a little effort can go a long way, and in McCartney's case, it's starting to pay off. McCartney's collaboration with the organizations has undoubtedly gained the attention of certain individuals with pretty deep pockets.

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