The 10 Worst Beatles Songs

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yes, we know that The Beatles are great. Yes, they are unarguably the most import band in musical history, achieved more in their brief period together as any band have before or since, and released a shed load of songs that are now stitched firmly into our cultural heritage.

Yes, John Lennon is one of the UK’s true icons, Paul McCartney is the most beloved and revered songwriter of our time, George Harrison is an underrated genius and Ringo – erm- narrated Thomas the Tank Engine.

We know all of this, but that doesn’t mean everything they released was great, does it? For every ‘A Day In The Life’ there is the repetitive horrors of ‘Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?’ For every ‘In My Life’ there is the bafflingly pointless ‘Flying’. For every ‘Dear Prudence’ there is the just plain awful ‘Piggies’, a song that somehow managed to inspire a mass murder.

No band can ever be that incredibly visionary, delicious and just plain brilliant the entire time so it’s time to shine a light on the very worst that The Fab Four has to offer. Here are the 10 worst Beatles songs.

10) ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’

Thanks Paul. Whilst many would point towards the frog chorus as the nadir of his career, the worst thing that Macca ever did was surely to launch the universal hated cod-reggae genre to popularity by writing ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’. Of course had the song actually been a good song, then all may have been forgiven – but unfortunately it is not!

It is that rare beast of a song that is both astoundingly irritating and fist-clenchingly awful. The track’s melody crawls into your brain like a tumour on first listen and stays lodged in there, coming out and looping in your head only at your lowest moments to mock you. I’m listening to it at the moment and it’s making me angry. I want to turn it off.

By: Jed Grainger

Source: The Badger


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