The anthem for freedom that Paul McCartney composed after the attack on the Twin Towers ...

Saturday, September 11, 2021

When United Airlines Flight 175 hit the North Tower, Paul McCartney was sitting waiting for his plane to take off at John F. Kennedy Airport. The beatle was a direct witness to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the closure of airspace over a shocked New York.

McCartney was putting the finishing touches on the excellent Driving Rain, which included the single “From a Lover to a Friend”, a song in which he tried to deal with the death of his wife Linda. Instantly, he announced that royalties from the theme would be donated to the families of the dead firefighters in the attack. But he felt the need to do more and help the city that launched The Beatles to stardom in 1964. On September 12 he had ready “Freedom”, a song destined to be chanted by thousands in which raised a flag for social rights and that would become a classic during his 2002 US tour, his first tour since 1993.



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