The Beatles and other world-changing revolutions

Saturday, May 19, 2018

"He say one and one and one is three..." Abbey Road by the Beatles is playing through my Bluetooth headphones, sent from my iPhone, music streaming from Amazon Prime, over satellite WiFi, on the commercial jet that is taking me from Phoenix to Long Beach. So much innovation and world-changing disruption in one event. It’s one moment in our modern world.

It got me thinking about the pace and crazy enormity of the changes in our world. The amount of change, and the new industries created by them are so familiar now that I think we take it for granted. Such pretentious deep thoughts are the sort of thing that I enjoy contemplating while trying to ignore the guy in the seat next to me, who is hogging far more than his fair share of the armrest.

The Beatles are a great example of the revolution that is our new norm. Usually, we think about technology chips, machines, and software that turn the world upside down. But the Beatles did the same thing to popular music.

Source: Eric Miller


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