The Beatles inspiration: How skiffle inspired the British Invasion bands

Monday, November 09, 2020

The Beatles and many other bands headed to the USA in the 1960s and penetrated the music industry. This was a major thing, and it was duly named the British Invasion. While their music was inspired by American artists such as Elvis, it turns out there was more to it than just this, and skiffle also played its part.

In an exclusive interview with, Paul Endacott of Music Heritage London spoke about how skiffle affected the band in their early days.

Skiffle is a genre with influences from blues, jazz, and American folk music, which originated as a form in USA in the early part of the 20th century.

It became extremely popular in the UK in the 1950s, with artists known as Lonnie Donegan among the big names.

It is unknown where the name skiffle came from, but it has been suggested it was a slang term for the parties where skiffle bands would perform.

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