The Beatles: Ringo Starr wrote savage song about Paul McCartney after fight

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Before The Beatles split up, the relationship between Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney became extremely frayed. In the early-1970s McCartney was working on releasing his first-ever solo record - an album which was eventually released on April 17, 1970. But before the album, McCartney, hit store shelves, he was asked by the Apple Corps bosses to push it back. The person who told him this news was none other than Starr.

Starr was instructed to go to McCartney's farm and explain to him that he needed to change the release date of his album.

McCartney later recalled: "I was just fed up with that. It was the only time I ever told anyone to GET OUT! It was fairly hostile. But things had got like that by this time.

"It hadn’t actually come to blows, but it was near enough."

Source: Callum Crumlish/


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