The Beatles: When did the Beatles get a record deal? 'TWICE rejected'

Monday, October 12, 2020

The Beatles set in motion a major change in the music world when fans became utterly obsessed with the group. Beatlemania really did take over the world, making it seem shocking the group was not signed straight away. In fact, they were rejected more than once, as was revealed in an exclusive interview with

According to Paul Endacott, the head of Music Heritage London, George Harrison helped The Rolling Stones get signed by Decca, despite them having their own difficult time with the record label.

In fact, in what Paul called a “little known story,” he revealed The Beatles had tried a number of times to get signed, even to the extent they were turned down by EMI, the label which eventually signed them.

Paul revealed The Beatles manager Brian Epstein tried with EMI and Decca Records to sign his band, but they were turned down until he tried once more with EMI.

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