The Nutopians: A John Lennon Experience - Beatles and Solo years

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Nutopians, an elegant award-winning seven-piece ensemble celebrates Lennon’s genius and artistry. Tom Dean and Alana MacDonald, New Hampshire natives and members of the distinguished folk/rock band Devonsquare, perform with The Nutopians.

Tom Dean, after the passing of founding member Herb Ludwig, teamed up with Rex Fowler (Aztec Two-Step) in a labor of love to celebrate the genius and artistry of John Lennon. The Nutopians was a perfect fit for Alana; she continues to awe audiences with her “honey butter vocals” and violin playing. Their talent, coupled with years of performing together help create a one of a kind live performance. The Nutopians name was given to them by Yoko Ono herself. The band gives remarkably fresh acoustic treatments to Lennon’s Beatles and solo song compositions that often inspire a whole new appreciation for the late icon’s music. The Nutopians’ awe-inspiring live show features poignant song narratives, and like their award winning CD “Imagined,” compelling lead singing and three-part harmonies. 

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