Todd Rundgren Says Playing in Ringo's All Starr Band Is "the Best Gig You Could Have"

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ringo Starr is once again ready to get by with a little help from his musical friends, as the rock legend kicks off a brand-new North American tour with his All Starr Band tonight in Rama, Canada.  Todd Rundgren has been a member of this All Starr Band lineup since 2012, and he says playing in the group is “the best gig you could have.”

He tells ABC News Radio that Ringo pretty much treats everyone in the band as equals, and that includes the Beatles drummer himself. “There’s no kind of, like, Ringo class and our class,” explains Rundgren.  “We stay at the same hotels that he stays in.  We fly in the same plane that he flies in…You know, it’s not ‘I’m the star and the boss and you guys just work for me.’  He’s very…proud of the fact that this is a real band and he’s part of it.” Todd, of course, seems grateful to be part of the All Starr Band too, explaining somewhat jokingly that he almost didn’t meet Starr’s conditions for being a member of the group. “Ringo’s criteria for you getting in the band is you have to have at least three hits, and I have just barely three hits,” Rundgren says with a laugh.  Among Todd’s tunes that are featured in the usual All Starr Band sets are “I Saw the Light” and “Bang the Drum All Day.”

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