Why George Harrison's 'Try Some, Buy Some' Meant So Much to David Bowie

Saturday, January 22, 2022

George Harrison wrote the song “Try Some, Buy Some,” which became a minor hit for Ronnie Spector, a former member of The Ronettes. George later released his version of the song. During an interview, David Bowie revealed why “Try Some, Buy Some” mattered so much to him.

In 2003, Bowie released an album called Reality. Reality includes a few cover songs, including a cover of “Try Some, Buy Some.” During a 2003 interview published in Vice, Bowie discussed his reaction to the song.

“George’s song, ‘Try Some, Buy Some,’ means a lot to me now,” Bowie revealed. “When I first heard that song it had a very different narrative to it. Now my connection to the song is about leaving a way of life behind me and finding something new.”



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