Why Paul McCartney Was a Fair Isle Sweater Fan (And You Should Be, Too)

Friday, December 07, 2018

WHEN TIMOTHY GRINDLE was a teen in the mid-2000s, the latter-day Beatles fan stumbled on an image of Paul McCartney woolly in a Fair Isle sweater and sipping a cup of tea outdoors. Mr. Grindle, now the co-owner of Canoe Club clothing boutique in Boulder, Colo., remembers inwardly declaring, “I want to live whatever lifestyle that is.” So taken was he with this portrait of open-air tea consumption that he persuaded his grandfather to lend him a Ralph Lauren Fair Isle sweater. “It was loud, but I loved it,” he said.

Back when the photo was taken, in 1970, Mr. McCartney wasn’t making a lot of noise himself. The Beatles had just called it quits and, seeking refuge, the bearded bassist decamped to a farm in Kintyre, Scotland that he’d purchased in 1966. There, among rolling green hills, Mr. McCartney wandered with his wife Linda (who snapped this shot) and their children, dressing like a local in Fair Isle sweaters.

Source: Jacob Gallagher/


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