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Lennon infidelity led to split: Ono - Monday, September 02, 2013

John Lennon’s former wife Yoko Ono has revealed that the reason behind the couple’s split in 1970s was because of the former Beatles’ one night fling with another woman.

The veteran singer told the Independent that at the time, the Democratic candidate George McGovern had lost the presidential election to Richard Nixon, and Lennon was very upset and got drunk. Ono revealed that soon after, the pair was invited by activist Jerry Rubin invited to his apartment for a party and they went. Ono said that Lennon was staggering around and went into another room and started making love to a woman. The report claimed that the very next day, Lennon apologised and spoke of the love he had for her that could overcome such a meaningless.

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Five flats in the former HQ of The Beatles’ Apple Records label in Baker Street have been sold to Middle Eastern investors just four weeks after the launch, for £10.2 million.

The Apple Apartments, which will be available to rent by the end of the year for between £750 and £1,150 a week, were restored by developer The Malins Group which said the interiors have “contemporary design and a splash of Sixties pop culture”.

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It's all new for Paul. To be Paul McCartney right now is to be a happy man; new album in the pipe and a new single – both called 'New'. The former Beatles man seems to have a newfound zest about him as he talked to WXRT Chicago.

The title ‘musical legend’ doesn’t really get bestowed on many people, and if you’ve managed to achieve it, it probably means you’re quite old. For McCartney, his age nearly stopped him doing festivals because of “the kids”. “But then I met a friend who’d been there,” McCartney explained. “[He said] ‘I was wandering through the tents and there’s all these people sitting around campfires singing Beatles songs.’ I thought, ‘I could do that!’” You certainly could Macca, you certainly could.

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Lost Beatles recordings to be released - Sunday, September 01, 2013

Lost radio recordings of The Beatles are to be released on the follow-up to the band's 1994 album On Air - Live at the BBC. Fans were asked to delve into their personal archives to find taped recordings of the Fab Four for the new anthology, which will be released in November.

The previously unreleased recordings were culled from mid-1960s appearances on BBC radio following the 2012 Listener's Archive campaign. The release of the new album will be accompanied by a new book, titled The Beatles - The Archives: 1962-1970, which will feature details of the band's BBC appearances. The tome has been written by Beatles scholar Kevin Howlett.

Remembering my friend Sid Bernstein - Saturday, August 31, 2013

You meet a Sid Bernstein once in a lifetime, if you are lucky. Toward the end of his funeral last Friday, a service that included much laughter, music, and a standing ovation mixed in with the tears, the rabbi said, “This has not been your typical funeral.” And how could it be?

Sid, who died at 95, the man who brought the Beatles and so much more British music to America, had touched the souls and hearts of so many. Stars and music industry moguls were at the funeral, but so was the pizza guy, the doorman, and so many regular people, who saw Sid as so more than just a part of music history. He related to everyone — and I mean everyone. Sid was happy to lend an ear to anyone who had a story, and if you brought Danish, he liked you even more.

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Mark Ronson, who has produced for musicians like Adele, Lil Wayne, Nas, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, lent his producing talents to Paul McCartney's new, very Beatles-esque single "New," which dropped late Wednesday ahead of the October 15 album by the same name. In a funny twist of fate, however, one missed phone call could have rewritten history.

Ronson told MTV News that he first started working with McCartney after DJing his wedding to Nancy Shevell two years ago. "He called me to ask me to do it and it was the same weekend of my own wedding and I completely spaced, because I kind of had other sh-- like my own wedding on my mind," Ronson said.

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3 Ways Brian Epstein Made The Beatles - Friday, August 30, 2013

Behind every great band or artist is a person or team of people who, one way or another, help guide them to the greatness they inevitably achieved. Even The Beatles can’t escape this distinction: Brian Epstein, their first manager, played a pivotal role in their rise to international superstardom in the 1960s.

Epstein, whose death occurred on August 27, 1967 due to a tragic drug overdose, helped define the Beatles as the world would come to know them and helped transform John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr from a scruffy band of misfits into the squeaky-clean studs that set the pop music landscape on fire.

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Growing up in 1960s Liverpool and it would have been hard not to get swept up in Beatlemania. But now a digital image expert has brought the Fab Four up to date by superimposing them into today images of their home town. 

Mike Price merged old photographs of John, Paul, George and Ringo with present day scenes to create these fascinating montages spanning half a century. His father, also called Mike who remembers Liverpool in the 1960s well, helped his son recreate the images.Mr Price said: 'Over the last few months I’ve done a series of 'then and now' pictures.

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Sir Paul McCartney has announced details of a new solo album and shared a track from the record called New. He told BBC 6 Music's Matt Everitt: "It's catchy, it's summery, it's a love song. I think people will recognise it as definitely me."

The untitled album, due for release in October, will be Sir Paul's first solo album since 2007's Memory Almost Full. It will feature 12 songs, which he worked on with producers including Paul Epworth and Mark Ronson. "The record is very varied. I worked with four producers and each of them brought something different," said Sir Paul. DJ and producer Ronson is known for his work with a host of award-winning stars including the late Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and Lily Allen.

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Iconic gates made famous by a  Beatles song were painted yellow  by a mysterious “artist”. Merseyside Police were making  enquiries after tourists arrived at  the entrance to former children’s  home Strawberry Field in Woolton  yesterday to find the top half of one  of the gates had been painted  yellow.

The message “There is always a  field for imagination. John you  know you should be glad” had been  daubed on the wall next to the gates  – which became a place of  pilgrimage for fans of the Fab Four  after John Lennon penned the song  Strawberry Fields Forever. Police said the incident was  reported to them by a tour operator  who arrived at the gates just before  midday and found the yellow paint  still wet.

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